Spinal Care

How to prevent Spinal related PAIN

Regular care
Everyday we brush our teeth. This is called dental hygiene.
So what about spinal hygiene?

Are you doing anything to take care of your spine? Regular visits to the chiropractor help prevent problems before they occur. This is vital in preventing spinal conditions, especially if you have had previous problems. We often don’t know that we have a problem building until the pain appears. It also takes longer to treat if you only come in once it is full blown. Regular chiropractic treatment will ensure that your nervous system is functioning properly. This helps keep your immune system strong and helps keep your body strong by increasing the ability of the body to heal itself. Thomas Edison said “the doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame”. Regular chiropractic care also helps prevent the progressive damage caused by an uncared for spine so that we don’t suffer in years to come for our neglect.

How often should I come? If you have had previous spinal problems, then a check-up once a month is sufficient to help keep your spine healthy. If you have never suffered from any spinal related complaints then a visit to the chiropractor every six months will help ensure that your spine stays healthy.